Punkd Pink Enamel Pot

£85.00 Incl. VAT

PUNKD POTS…..Pots with Attitude!

By Elaine Green for Stylist’s Own®.



Handspun Copper Enamel Pot fired in our Kiln to create a beautiful enamelled finish with the addition of Punk Spikes to give a healthy dose of Attitude.

Each Pot measures 140mm (5.5”) Diameter across the top, fluted down to 100mm (3.9”) at the bottom. Whilst they stand 125mm (4.9”) High – This means that a 1lt Plant Pot will sit very comfortably in it.

We like to add either blousy Orchids or to keep with the theme some angry looking Cacti.

Additional information

Weight 675 g

Handspun Copper Pot with Enamel Finish


Pots are covered in Spikes so handle with care!


140mm Diameter max / 100mm Diameter min – 125mm High

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