Bespoke Copper Sculptures

Handcrafted by Elaine Green

“Long long ago, before the bees and other gentle pollinating insects graced earth, the timeless magnolia tree stood proud.

Whilst with their rugged chomping jaws the less delicate gourmets of the insect world, the beetles, enjoyed feasting on the beautiful magnolia flower.

And so cleverly safeguarding itself from harm by way of its lovely leathery flower, the Magnolia had found its partner, its pollinator and friend the beetle.


To this day each year before the bees and other delicate feeders wake up, the beetle chomps and romps within the sturdy magnolia flower.”

Magnolia Tree ① - Espalier*

By Elaine Green for Stylist’s Own

Stylist's Own® Espalier Copper Magnolia Tree Sculpture


*Espalier – noun ‘A fruit tree or ornamental shrub whose branches are trained to grow flat against a wall, supported on a lattice.’

Our Magnolia Trees are hand made by forming a Copper skin over a Stainless Steel frame, creating Tree like growth patterns in the surface of the Metal as it grows.  The Blooms are made in sections and each Petal is individually enamelled to produce a soft glow of colour, with a vibrant punch of green from its Leaves.

The Espaliered Magnolia Tree measures approximately 16.5 Feet (5000mm) wide by 8.2 Feet (2500mm) High by 1.5 Feet (450mm) deep.

Each Espaliered Tree contains in excess of 50 Handmade Copper Enamelled Flowers with cast Pewter Buds varying in shades of White through Pink. Every Petal is hand fashioned in Copper, before being shaped and fired in our Kiln, whilst each of the Magnolia Flowers typically consists of Three handcrafted Petals.

The Trees are made to order and priced according to size and complexity. No two Trees are the same and each is tailored to a Clients requirements. As a guide, prices start from £17,500.00 GBP.

If you would like to discuss our Espaliered Trees or have any questions please contact one of our team or refer to our Commissions section for further information.

Magnolia Tree ② - Freestanding

By Elaine Green for Stylist’s Own

Stylist's Own® Freestanding Copper Magnolia Tree Sculpture

The Freestanding Magnolia Tree measures approximately 8.2 Feet (2500mm) wide by 7.3 Feet (2250mm) High and will typically consist of 25 or more handcrafted Flowers.

Unlike our Espaliered Trees that require being located and fixed to a suitable Wall, our Freestanding Trees can be enjoyed 360 degrees and look fantastic as a central focal piece, whether it be a Courtyard or formal Lawn. All our Trees look particularly stunning when lit at Night, with the Soft hues of each flower a real delight.

As with our Espaliered Trees each Freestanding Tree is made to order and priced according to size and complexity. No two Trees are the same and each is tailored to a clients requirements as well as possible Sites. As a guide, prices start from £12,500.00 GBP.

We have worked alongside Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Designers and our team is fully fluent in AutoCAD, Sketchup and all the intricacies of delivering projects both to budget and within strict time frames. We also offer a full fitting service nationwide. Please feel free to contact one of our team if you have any questions or would just like a friendly chat regarding what we can offer, whilst our Commissions section includes useful information as to how we like to work with Clients.

We can dispatch our Trees Worldwide, with costs calculated dependent on project. Please refer to our delivery page for more details or contact one of our team to discuss your project.

“The creative mind plays with the objects it loves”

Carl Jung.