Laura Jane


Laura studied Contour Fashion and Fashion Design at DeMontfort University specialising in Corsetry and Lingerie where she developed her eye for detail and a love of structure and texture. She then worked extensively across the Textiles industry, in particular for Daniel Hanson and Max Studio producing a range of Garments worn by Royalty as well as a host of celebrities. It was during this period that she picked up her love of exquisite fabrics and bespoke detailing.

Working collaboratively with Elaine Green she is Stylist’s Own Seamstress and oversees and produces all our Cushions whilst being instrumental in the product development of our exclusive soft furnishing Designs.

Laura is based in Derby and has the historic East Midlands Textile industry on her Door Step allowing her to take advantage of its rich diversity and far reaching heritage.

We are very excited as Laura will be introducing her own range of products very soon on Stylist’s Own®.



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“The creative mind plays with the objects it loves”

Carl Jung.