Enamelled Leaves Fitting Guide

copper leaves

Our handcrafted enamelled leaves can be displayed either freestanding with rubber mount or with a simple screw and plug fitting.

With our screw fitting it enables you to display directly on walls just like a painting or photograph.

In fact if you have ever hung a painting or a photograph on a wall then you will be very familiar with the process!

However for clarity we provide each of our leaves with a simple wall plug that allows you to display your Leaf on a vertical surface. It also allows you to adjust the angle of your leaf as well as how far off the surface you wish to display it.

You will require a Drill, an 8mm masonory drill bit and something to tap the wall plug into the hole. If you are intending to display on a timber surface, we recommend that you pre drill pilot holes so that you can easily screw your leaf into the timber.

Please take care when handling as enamel can be damaged by over tightening or misuse.

Please also remember to take care when drilling into walls as there may be hidden services. If in doubt either ask the homeowner or find a more suitable place.


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