Preciosa Branding Partnership

We are really pleased and extremely excited to announce that Stylist’s Own® has been accepted by Bohemian Crystal manafacturers Preciosa as a Branding Partner.

In the words of Preciosa:

“Preciosa’s proud tradition of glassmaking can be traced back nearly five centuries to the Crystal Valley of Bohemia. Our brand was founded upon principles of quality, durability and innovation, and we have proudly upheld these values to the present day. The seals we provide to our Ingredient Branding partners are synonymous with our flawless reputation, and serve as a certificate of authenticity for all our products.

Since its inception, Preciosa has been a world leader in the glassmaking industry. We have achieved multiple technological breakthroughs, and we were one of the very first companies to introduce the world to the timeless beauty of Bohemian crystal. Today, Preciosa Components offers an assortment of more than 35,000 premium products, 100% of which are still made in the Czech Republic.

Being able to guarantee quality and authenticity is invaluable for any designer or company. When you become a partner in our program, you instantly associate your brand with one of the oldest and most prestigious glassmaking companies in the world.”

Our beautiful luxury Crystal Cushions are the epitome of glamour and are handmade using only the very finest faux Fur and sumptuous Velvet.

Our Crystal Cushions look particularly stunning in the Bedroom and really add a touch of luxury with their soft Fur and Velvet combination alongside the added allure of the finest quality sparkling Preciosa Crystals.

Black ‘Magnolia’ Crystal Cushion - Luxury Velvet, Faux Fur and Crystals - £185.00 excl. VAT each.
White ‘Magnolia’ Crystal Cushion - Luxury Velvet, Faux Fur and Crystals - £185.00 excl. VAT each.
Black ‘Creative Mind’ Crystal Cushion - Luxury Velvet, Faux Fur and Crystals - £135.00 excl. VAT each.
Stylist’s Own® Luxury White ‘Creative Mind’ Cushion with Crystal detail

We have big plans to extend our range of Handmade products that feature the stunning Preciosa Crystal range.

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