How to use Enamelled Copper in your Design Schemes

Enamelled Copper

Over recent years we have seen an explosion in Copper being widely used in interior schemes. From the brilliant designs of Tom Dixon through to the affordable accessibility of Supermarket Brands , virtually every interiors product has been copperfied. So have we reached a Saturation point? Coppergeddon? Well we think not!

We love copper for more than simply its decorative qualities – for example , did you know that 70 per cent of the copper we buy today has already been recycled and can be reused endlessly? How great is that!  However, the subject of copper is for another time as we can wax lyrical of coppers virtues ad infinitum.

What we can say with a degree of some certainty is that as homeware trends come and go, the beauty and strength of our favorite metal will always be a desirable option and when you add glass enamel colour to its surface, the possibilities for differing hues and texture are endless.  Enamelling glass onto copper is a craft whose practice is rewarded in rich lustrous colours and stunning hard-wearing finishes making enamel one of our favourite decorative mediums.

What is Enamel?

So what exactly is Enamel. Well the Encyclopedia Britannica defines Enamelwork as:

…..technique of decoration whereby metal objects or surfaces are given a vitreous glaze that is fused onto the surface by intense heat to create a brilliantly coloured decorative effect. It is an art form noted for its brilliant, glossy surface, which is hard and long-lasting.

Well that last sentence says it all really. What’s not to love. Here at Stylist’s Own we are always amazed at the shear range of colours that can be achieved by firing objects in the kiln. And because of this and the beautiful glass finish Enamelled Copper is a perfect fit for creating jewel like objects that can be used to adorn all interior styles.

copper enamel

Our Enamelware

We love Enamelled Copper  and have produced a range of products that are available to add zingy splashes of colour whatever your scheme. Our Forest Leaves range can be used as standalone pieces or when combined together can create a tumbling effect across a wall.

They look particularly stunning on a white background where the broad range of colours can be really appreciated. They also look fabulous when softly lit with crisp shadows created as well as a slight shimmer from the glass like finish.

Our range of Lily Pad inspired Soap Dishes add a real splash of colour to any Bathroom and are as well suited to contemporary spaces with stripped down styling as they are in period Bathrooms where elegance is at the forefront.

We have recently been appointed a Branding Partner with the Bohemian Crystal specialists Preciosa, and have been able to incorporate Crystal Frogs into our Soap Dish range. These add an extra dimension to the dishes whilst also upping the sense of owning something that’s just a little bit special and definitely puts smiles on faces.

Enamelled Soap Dish
enamel soap dish

As you may well have guessed we are inspired by nature and our selection of Enamel Flowers are based on the beautiful Clematis. All our flowers feature stunning central Bohemian Preciosa Crystals that again adds that little extra. They look wonderful on their own or like our Forest Leaves can be displayed en mass and form a real focal point to any room.

A further way in which we have seen them being used is as a decorative bowl on a dressing table. The perfect place to keep precious objects as well as adding an air of luxury.

enamelled copper flower

Our Autumnal Forest floor inspired wall panels with a mixture of beautiful handcrafted enamelled Leaves and polished Copper Leaves layered over ebonised Hardwood. Each of our individually designed Panels is available separately or as a collection and look particularly great as a triptych.

The three dimensional qualities add an extra depth to each of the panels. They  look particularly great when softly lit as the rich tones of the enamel and pure copper work beautifully together to form a visual tapestry on the neutral ebonised background.

Our Magnolia Trees are hand made by forming a Copper skin over a Stainless Steel frame, creating Tree like growth patterns in the surface of the Metal as it grows.  The Blooms are made in sections and each Petal is individually enamelled to produce a soft glow of colour, with a vibrant punch of green from its Leaves. Whether it be the Espaliered Tree or the Freestanding, the enamel flowers really add a sense of elegance.

Each of our Espaliered Trees contains in excess of 50 Handmade Copper Enamelled Flowers with cast Pewter Buds varying in shades of White through Pink. Every Petal is hand fashioned in Copper, before being shaped and fired in our Kiln, whilst each of the Magnolia Flowers typically consists of Three handcrafted Petals.

As discussed in a previous Blog, Garden Sculpture offers so many possibilities and Enamel we feel is clearly one such. Whether rain or shine, mid summer or mid winter, the punch of our Enamelled Magnolia Flowers is always there to welcome the observer.

Stylist's Own® Freestanding Copper Magnolia Tree Sculpture
  1. The wonderfully rich tones Enamel can be fired to allows for a very broad spectrum of colours to be attained, so no matter what your colour scheme there’s always an enamel product that can be used to add effect and continuity to your project.
  2. Our Enamelled Copper products look particularly great in minimalistic surroundings. Their glass finish and punchy colours can be fully appreciated when they are used as feature pieces against a muted backdrop..
  3. Why not try Enamelled Copper with with coloured Glass – their finish looks particularly great when combined.
  4. Enamelled Copper Leaves and Flowers in the Garden are a perfect match. Try them creeping up a chunky Oak Pergola – not only will they look in keeping they will also provide year round colour and interest!
  5. Our Soap Dishes don’t only belong in your House, they would look stunning set within a Water Garden. They are inspired by Water Lilies after all and would brighten up any scheme especially in the darker months of winter.

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