Garden Sculpture


Garden Sculpture has been around since the times of Ancient Greece and the Pharaohs and more than likely many thousands of years before. We humans would adorn our Temples and Palaces with icons of the day. Whether they were Gods to be adored and feared or heroic types such as Achilles and his merry band of warriors. Today we have diversified our taste in Garden Sculpture and thankfully we don’t see fit to engage in too much hero worshipping when it comes to modern-day Goliaths and our Gardens.



The Sculpture Process


Elaine Green’s series of Pansy Garden Sculpture might not strike as much fear into the onlooker as the mighty Colossus of Rhodes once did, however the process of creation must have similarities. Whether it be the original spark of a concept or the many hours of carving and finishing that is required in each piece she designs and makes. Unfortunately for Elaine she does not have an army of helpers and so must really put the hours in to enable each piece to come alive. These are the hours of graft that are often buried within the creative process that the casual onlooker may not truly appreciate once the piece is finished. It takes time. However, as we all know, the devil truly is in the detail.


Garden Sculpture Materials


With the advancement in new materials offering a myriad of available finishes, Garden Sculpture has entered a new period where it is not restricted by the more traditional techniques and materials. In recent times Elaine has been exploring the possibilities Cast Stone has to offer as well as the fantastic Jesmonite. She has also produced her Pansy in  stunning Marble and you can clearly see the versatility of finish in her range of Pansy Garden Sculptures. Further benefits are primarily the lighter weight of each piece as well as the favourable financial implications in production costs and eventual price tags.


Cold Cast Garden Sculpture


Cast Bronze is extremely expensive whereas the relatively new method of Cold Casting allows for Garden Sculpture to be formed that is not only surprisingly lightweight, weather proof and extremely durable, it also looks fantastic.  Every little detail of relief is highlighted as well as all the deep dark shadows that accentuate the three dimensional qualities of each of her pieces. It is for these reasons that Elaine has collaborated with Nick Brooks to create her range of Garden Sculpture. This new partnership is very exciting for Elaine, as Nick is a master of his craft in mould making and casting which in turn ensures utmost quality in every individual piece. They are both passionate about Sculpture with this being evident when you consider their combined attention to detail in each step through the design and creative process.

Garden Sculpture: Bronze Pansy – 5 Design Ideas


Garden Sculpture



  • Why not use the Bronze Pansy on a feature white rendered Wall as a focal piece with lighting to highlight it after Dark. This would work incredibly well within a modern stripped back Garden, whilst the rich golden hues of the Bronze would certainly work incredibly well with Western Red Cedar timber detailing.


  • In more traditional Formal Gardens the Bronze Pansy would look wonderful set within clipped Yew or Hornbeam. Whilst the rich Bronze tones would add to the elegance of such a space and compliment existing architecture.


  • Why not consider a slight modification and use within a water Garden scheme. The central part could easily accommodate a small hole allowing for water to emerge from a suitable Pipe falling into a lower collection point. It doesn’t always have to be a lions mouth!


  • If you are using a more naturalistic planting palette with lots of Golden Grasses, the beautiful hues of the Bronze Pansy would follow that theme through the Garden. Imagine a cool September morning and the rising Sun accentuating the Pansies Bronze finish. That would look stunning!


  • Finally if  you are considering updating a traditional Courtyard Garden, the soft and rich textures of the Bronze Pansy would look wonderful against a backdrop of aged rustic Clay Bricks offering a timeless appeal. Again, the prudent use of exterior lighting would only enhance the overall atmosphere of the space.


If you would like to find out more about Elaine Green’s Limited Edition Bronze Pansy or would like to discuss further finishes please don’t hesitate in getting in contact.

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